Rebecca Robertson, Ph.D. – I am a Research Associate and Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at Humboldt State University, where I teach courses in cultural and applied anthropology on topics including: development, globalization, power & resistance, the student experience, research methods, and anthropological theory. My scholarship is social justice driven and focuses on issues of equity within the context of higher education. I am currently researching university student activists’ mobilization of social media to resist structural inequality in higher education. To date, I have explored both transnational and local student movements and documented how students deploy hashtags – such as #ITooAm, #RhodesMustFall, and #DiversityisNotInclusion – to organize campus protests, to construct and circulate counter-narratives of institutional inequity, and to amplify these narratives and their demands for change beyond institutional spaces. In addition to academic scholarship, I undertake applied research with a commitment to inclusive community development that represents the values and needs of all stakeholders.