I am a faculty member and Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology Program in the Department of Anthropology at Humboldt State University (HSU). I also serve as Director of HSU’s Applied Anthropology and Ethnographic Research Lab, and was recently appointed to the Redwoods Community College District, Board of Trustees.

In the broadest terms, my scholarship addresses issues of equity in the context of social and organizational change, with a specific focus on understanding and interrupting the reproduction of inequality. My previous research examined the gendered benefits of integrated environmental conservation and community development (ICDP) in rural South Africa. Currently, my main line of research combines social network analysis with ethnographic methods to explore the role that student activism plays in catalyzing change in higher education. I am particularly interested in how student activists use social media as a tool of resistance, for example by deploying hashtags to organize beyond campus spaces. In addition, I consult with community organizations as an applied researcher and to date have collaborated on projects focused around user experience, assessment and design of built space, tribal ecological & heritage management, homelessness, and community-business relations. My research compliments and is reflected in my work in higher education.  I have nearly two decades of experience serving diverse students as an educator, advisor, and administrator at Humboldt State University. As a faculty member in the Department of Anthropology, I teach courses across the cultural and applied anthropology curriculum, including: Anthropology of Development, Women & Development, Power & Resistance, Ethnography, History & Theory in Anthropology, and Methods of Applied Anthropology. My teaching practice emphasizes experiential learning and I employ a variety of approaches such as digital storytelling and place-based research projects to ensure that students develop the interpersonal, intellectual, and practical skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.